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For a long time, I knew all the things I didn't want to do. And then one day, I realized of all the things I could do, I liked writing best. Expressing myself through words - whether writing or editing - is how I shine.


I've been playing with words for almost two decades, publishing more than 75 articles and editing books for private clients.


If you are struggling to put words to your thoughts, untangle phrases, or polish your writing, I would love to help.


~ Silva


I had the honor of having Silva Emerian edit my second book, "To The Husband of the Strong-Willed Wife." I already knew she would be great to work with, exemplify a high level of professionalism, and most of all, edit with excellence. I've used other editors in the past and I must honestly say there was no comparison between Silva's work and that of others. She was both thorough with what needed to be done and yet respectful of my work. I highly and heartily recommend Silva Emerian for your editing and writing needs! 

- Sam Beckworth, award-winning author


I have had the privilege of working with Silva at a number of publications in recent years. She has proven to be an accurate and conscientious copy editor and a compelling writer with a knack for formulating stories that are quick to draw the reader in.

- Amy Fienen, former Editor-in-Chief of Totts Magazine and Fresno Life Magazine


I have had the pleasure of trusting Silva with several projects. I keep developing new ideas just to experience her energy and excitement. The only downside...she constantly corrects my grammar.

- Dr. William Schiff, author of Violence in Medical America


Silva is such an inspiration to work with. Her talent as a writer flows into her eye for detail in the editing process. I knew when writing my book that I needed Silva on my team to take the work to the next level. She is also a woman of integrity, honor and grace. She is a woman you want to know!

- Amanda May, Beauty Evangelist and author

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