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Summer Sunnies with Warby Parker

Friday, June 30, 2017
Just because my life moves a thousand miles a minute with two active boys and a summer full of (un)scheduled activities, doesn't mean I have to look harried. My simple, yet effective, secret weapon to looking chic on the run.


I used to be a somewhat normal person.


I use "somewhat" loosely, because no Armenian woman is completely normal. But there was a time when I lived and behaved like a typical person, waking up and going to the office and coming home and eating dinner.


That time was before I had children. I am now completely abnormal, in the absolute best way.


I should add delusional to abnormal, because I was actually foolish enough to believe that our lives would slow down and our schedules would ease up once school ended and summer began. Again, I was wrong.


We may not be waking up at the crack of dawn, packing lunches, rushing out the door by 7:30am, speeding through after-school activities and hurrying home to get homework finished before crashing into bed. No, that part of summer is FANTASTIC.


But we certainly haven't been lollygagging around like I thought we'd be. We've been off school for five weeks now and we haven't spent more than a few days dawdling in the summer sun.


What's been keeping us busy are all fun things, so I'm not complaining. We've had play dates – sorry, HANGOUTS (no babies in this house anymore!) – archery lessons, swim dates, piano lessons (and a recital), Vacation Bible School, birthday parties, train rides, a visit to Universal Studios to see family from the East Coast, and so on.


What we haven't had is much downtime, but I guess that's okay when you have two active boys and long summer days. They're not complaining. But I am tired.


I am proud of myself, however, for maintaining a modicum of dignity by not spending my days in pajamas and only wearing flip flops when absolutely necessary. I'm blowing out my hair despite the triple-digit heat and even shaving my legs. You're welcome!



Even on my dingiest, most sweaty and harried days, I've stayed chic with a secret weapon. Would you like to know what it is?


Two words:  Warby Parker


Warby Parker is a designer eyewear company founded in Philly, based out of NYC, mostly selling online. Here's my thing about eyewear, and accessories in general:  they make everyone look good. Maybe you can't wear or afford the latest clothing trends, but slip on tortoise shell cat eye frames or a classic pair of aviators and you feel instantly transformed.


I do wear prescription lenses (mostly at night) but I opted for their sunglasses through an amazing program Warby Parker offers called Home Try-On. It's so simple – and it's FREE.


I am a lot of things, but I am not technologically savvy. I must be the only person I know who does not shop online. But I sat down at my laptop one afternoon, typed in www.warbyparker.com, clicked on the "Home Try-On" tab and selected my five favorite pairs of sunnies. I went all out, choosing styles I normally wouldn't pick out for myself, just for fun. I chose red frames, clear frames, tortoise shell frames, and the aforementioned aviators – a style I've never worn in my life. I went for cat-eyes, square and round. Why not?


They arrived within days and I was so pleased with the quality of these sunglasses! They were sturdy but lightweight. I didn't have to worry about whether they'd fit right or wrinkle. I couldn't wait to pair them with my summer outfits. (See what I did there?)


I loved being able to match the various pairs to my wardrobe, whether I was taking the car for an oil change, swimming at a friend's house, or just running errands. No matter what activities fill our day, I know I'm going to look pulled together. So easy and so much fun!


The Home Try-On program lasts five days, and then you simply repack the sunglasses, affix the attached postage label and send them back. (You are required to send back all five, and can go online to order whichever pair(s) you can't live without!) I was sad to say goodbye to my five new friends, but I think I know what I'll be putting on my next birthday list.


Busy mom or not, Warby Parker has the right eyewear for you. I rarely endorse products, and I did not receive anything free to keep for this post. But I know quality when I see it. Warby Parker lenses are impact-resistant, UV 400 protected and carbon-neutral.


Something else to consider is that Warby Parker cares about people. They partner with non-profits like VisionSpring to train low-income men and women to sell glasses at very low (affordable) prices. Instead of just donating a pair for every pair sold, they train others to sell thereby creating a sustainable model of entrepreneurship and instilling pride that comes with learning a skill and earning a living.


Warby Parker has distributed more than two million pairs of glasses to people in need. Did I mention that they were founded only SEVEN years ago?


I love fashion. I love accessories. I love sunglasses. I love summer. Add them all up and visit Warby Parker to look chic whether you're enjoying summer activities or just chilling at home with the AC on blast.


Who says you can't look pulled together even when caught in a Nerf gun battle?









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